Commercial Services

Alarm & Communication Systems, Inc. (ACS) delivers comprehensive security and safety solutions tailored to commercial buildings, ensuring your premises are protected and compliant with the highest standards. Our suite of services includes state-of-the-art fire alarm systems, thorough inspections, and reliable monitoring to safeguard against emergencies and unauthorized access. With advanced card access and door entry systems, alongside meticulous surveillance and intrusion detection, we provide a holistic approach to your building’s security. Trust ACS to equip your commercial space with cutting-edge, integrated security solutions that prioritize your safety and operational continuity.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems from Alarm & Communication Systems are a cost effective, easy to install solution to keep your property safe from intrusion. In most cases, the video feed can be viewed remotely, and if something occurs, the footage can be provided to the police.

24-Hour Alarm Monitoring

To alert emergency personnel and/or to notify the owner, security systems can be monitored 24-hours a day. Alarm & Communication Systems, Inc. contracts with two different U.L. Certified monitoring companies, as well as an additional company to monitor our No-Phone-Line accounts. Criticom Monitoring Services and All American Monitoring are the primary monitoring companies. Tellular Corporation contracts our No-Phone-Line accounts. All three companies have provided excellent service to our customers and have passed rigorous U.L. Certification.

Monitoring contract billing is handled directly through ACS, Inc. Annual contracts may be invoiced quarterly, semi-annually or annually to suit your budget.

Card Access

Card Access refers to a key-less house or building integrated entry system of electronic door locks and control hardware that unlock doors based on the presence of a valid access swipe card, or entry of a valid PIN number on a door keypad.

Traditional mechanical key systems present several common issues such as:

  • Keys can be lost or stolen
  • You are forced to change your locks if a key goes missing
  • You are forced to replace keys if a key goes missing
  • Keys can be copied and freely distributed
  • Doors tend to be left unlocked during the day when people are most likely to access the building


Who is watching your home when you are not able to?

Thousands of families and businesses have trusted Alarm & Communication Systems to monitor their home and business for decades.

Not only do our systems monitor for burglary, but it also monitors for fire and high carbon dioxide levels. Within seconds of your alarm sending a signal, we’ll call you to see if you’re okay. If it is an emergency we will quickly dispatch the police, fire, or paramedics. Lower your home owner’s insurance Many insurance companies will give a discount of up to 20% to policy holders who have a professionally installed and monitored alarm. The yearly savings could easily pay for the cost of monitoring!

Fire Systems

Fire is a deadly threat that no business owner wants to face. Top quality fire system design is essential to keep your organization property and assets safe. Alarm & Communication Systems provides fire alarm control systems from the best manufacturers.

Working with industry leaders allows Alarm & Communication Systesm to customize the design of your system to fit your unique needs. Our fire alarm systems are designed with 24-hour monitoring to ensure the highest level of protection at your facility.

Fire Alarms

Conventional Systems are a proven technology protecting many hundreds of thousands of properties around the world. A Conventional Fire Alarm System is usually the natural choice for smaller systems and where budget is a decision factor.

In a typical Conventional Fire Alarm System the intelligence of the fire system is solely within the Fire Alarm Control Panel which receives a trigger signal from a detector and then signals the same thing to other devices in the building such as alarm sounders.

Conventional detectors are normally connected to the Fire Control Panel with dedicated circuit with each circuit protecting a designated zone of the building.


Our experienced and certified technicians will inspect and service your fire alarm system. Regular inspection is essential to keep your propery up to code. Our technicians will inspect all devices including horns and strobes, smoke detectors, and alarm panels to ensure your equipment is in perfect condition.