Residential Services

Alarm & Communication Systems, Inc. (ACS) offers a robust suite of residential security services designed to protect your home and provide peace of mind. Specializing in advanced video surveillance and 24-hour monitoring, our services ensure constant vigilance over your property, alerting you and emergency personnel at the first sign of a threat. With state-of-the-art technology tailored to any environment and partnerships with top-tier U.L. Certified monitoring firms, ACS delivers unmatched security solutions. Whether safeguarding against burglary, fire, or carbon dioxide levels, our commitment to your safety is unwavering, underscored by our contribution to reducing your homeowner’s insurance costs through professional security measures. Choose ACS to be the vigilant guardian of your home, where your security is our highest priority.

Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance is having a major impact on security systems and the protection industry. It is used to increase awareness of critical areas and provides concrete information should there be an investigation. Advanced technology also offers many ways to get and review live and recorded activity. Not just for use in jails, surveillance systems are being used in multiple settings, including homes and cabins to give owners peace of mind and an added sense of security.

Alarm & Communication Systems will work with you to determine the needs of the particular area you need to watch. Cameras have been developed to capture information outdoors in all weather conditions and indoors in all environmental conditions. The camera to fit your situation is just a phone call away.

24-Hour Alarm Monitoring

To alert emergency personnel and/or to notify the owner, security systems can be monitored 24-hours a day. Alarm & Communication Systems, Inc. contracts with two different U.L. Certified monitoring companies, as well as an additional company to monitor our No-Phone-Line accounts. Criticom Monitoring Services and All American Monitoring are the primary monitoring companies. Tellular Corporation contracts our No-Phone-Line accounts. All three companies have provided excellent service to our customers and have passed rigorous U.L. Certification.

Monitoring contract billing is handled directly through ACS, Inc. Annual contracts may be invoiced quarterly, semi-annually or annually to suit your budget.


Who is watching your home when you are not able to?

Thousands of families and businesses have trusted Alarm & Communication Systems to monitor their home and business for decades.

Not only do our systems monitor for burglary, but it also monitors for fire and high carbon dioxide levels. Within seconds of your alarm sending a signal, we’ll call you to see if you’re okay. If it is an emergency we will quickly dispatch the police, fire, or paramedics. Lower your home owner’s insurance Many insurance companies will give a discount of up to 20% to policy holders who have a professionally installed and monitored alarm. The yearly savings could easily pay for the cost of monitoring!

Basic System

$179.00 Installed with monthly monitoring contract*
* monitoring contract when signed for two years is $24.00/mo.

Available System Upgrades

Upgrade your system with any combination of the components below:

No Phone Line Monitoring

With the new advances in technology, a land phone line is no longer needed to have your security system monitored. Through a cellular signal using a TG100 transmitter, a system can be monitored with signals being sent to the Central Station.

This is a wonderful way to have a back-up to your phone line, monitor a barn, a cabin or other locations which do not have a designated land line.